We believe that God is love.

That God created this whole universe and world and everything in it. That God cares about everything we do and wants a relationship with each person. We believe every person is unique and equally valuable to God whoever you are and whatever you have done so we value you. (This comes from the Protestant belief of the Priesthood of every believer).

Jesus is God’s Son.

If we want to know what God is like, we need to get to know Jesus. This was how the early disciples came to know, and after Jesus’ death and resurrection to believe who he is. To see how Jesus dealt with individuals; cared for them and healed people, we need to read the Gospels, Matthew, Mark, Luke & John. Jesus was always ready to cross accepted social barriers to the annoyance of the then religious leaders in Israel. This was a contributory reason for Jesus’ arrest and crucifixion.

God’s Holy Spirit.

We can know God because of His Spirit indwelling our lives. God sends his Spirit to everyone who truly wants to know Him. It is the Spirit that changes our hearts, who grants us the gifts and fruits of the spirit and moves us to care for, to understand and love our neighbour. The longer we know God the more we begin to think and do things like God.

This doesn’t mean we are automatons without our own will, but rather it is a partnership where our will  grows more inline with God’s. So Christians can still at times sin; do and say unkind things, just because Christians are not perfectly like God. This is the reason why we have prayers of confession; it is good to remember what we have done wrong and confess it to God. For then God is faithful to forgive us and give us a new start and that is what we all need at times.

The message.

We proclaim that Jesus’ love can change any persons life around for good. This is the work that God is doing now. God loves to answer our prayers, our requests especially when we are at our wits end and lost how to continue. Just ask Jesus, “please help if you really are there”.

His Church (here at Charlemont etc).                                                                                  

John Wesley, founder of Methodism with his brother Charles, the hymn writer

God’s church at Charlemont is a community of people, across many varied groups. We are people with varying views and at different levels of understanding of our faith or even no faith. That we are a community means we accept people as they are and are also ready to help, pray for and be concerned about each other.


Methodists have two sacraments, of Holy Communion where we share bread and wine (non-alcoholic) and remember why Jesus died and was raised to life for each of us and of Baptism into his church. Our faith is God’s doing, there is nothing we can do or bring to God to earn faith, it is His gift to us when we ask Him.

Methodism is a broad church with many different theological views amongst its membership. It encourages its members to ask questions to develop their faith and know what they believe and why.