If you would like to support our church funds, please ask for a collecting box. Proceeds are for urgent Repair & Renewal work which must be done. Thank you. The Hall Roof has now been resurfaced and guaranteed for 20 years, as well as the front parapet of the church sealed to prevent rain getting in. The electrical system, and gas boilers have also been renewed or upgraded. All these essential repair/renewals have cost a very large sum and your help in giving would be greatly appreciated. The loan for this work still needs paying off by the end of 2020.

Replastering and redecoration of the inside of the Church room is now being started (Nov 2017 and will be completed in spring 2018 after the wall has dried out.)

Due to the very cold weather with abnormally low ambient temperatures below 0C, the church has felt extremely cold. So we are raising funds by donation and grants in order to cover the cost of installing loft insulation above the Church & Rear room (at no cost to the church). This would immediately improve the feeling of warmth for members and friends in these rooms and also save some of the cost of electric heating. Allowing more vital funds to cover the ongoing repair/renewals that are still necessary. March 2018

Loft Insulation and Roof Repair -Project_2018/19

Three grants were requested, but only two have been successful, namely:

Allchurches Trust gave £1,250 in October, and

Garfied Weston Trust gave £2,000 in December.

Personal gifts amount to £150.  This covers the loft insulation, with inflation, with over £1,000 left for the roof repairs.  We have held an auction, and a jumble sale is planned for January 2019.  Other successful events were held in 2018.