Church Stonelaying June 1930

How did Charlemont Church start?

The land on which the church buildings are situated were bought in June 1926. At that time there were trees all round the site (as it had belonged to the estate of Charlemont Hall). So when the weather was fine the sunday school and worship were held under the trees, so everyone could see and hear. It has come to be known to us as “Singing under the trees”. In inclement weather the services were held in members homes.

By December 1926 funds had been raised to buy and erect a wooden hut. Fund raising continued to Build a Sunday School, which is now the Church Room and was copleted in October 1930. The wooden hut was only removed in 1960 when further expansion of the buildings began in a new hall at the side of the Church.

Further building work began in 2000 to refurbish the Hall and in 2003 to build a new Vestry, Central Foyer and a kitchen to improve the facilities on offer to everyone. Since then further small improvements have been made and shown in some of the pages on this site.

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